Cub Scouts Pack 61 Pinewood Derby 2010

Let the races begin!!!

Welcome to the Pack 61 Pinewood Derby.

Derby day is Sunday, March 14, 2010 from 1:00-4:30 at Edison Gym.

The Pinewood Derby is a great event for the Cub Scouts to have the opportunity to work closely with a parent or other family member to learn design and building skills in the construction of their cars. It is highly recommended that the scouts be active participants in all phases of the assembly to the extent it is safe for the Cubs.

The Boy Scouts of America construction guidelines and rules are posted on the next page of this document. During the check-in, the cars are visually inspected, weighed and fitted to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Here are some internet links for tips on building a car with your Cub Scout:

Additionally, the Deicke Scout Shop in West Chicago has some great books, stickers and accessories for building the cars. Purchases made at the Scout Shop directly benefit the Three Fires Council.

For the appearance award categories, we will present the following awards:

Most Scout Like                      Most Colorful

Most Race Car Like                Best Corporate Sponsor

Most Patriotic                          Best Sports Theme

Most Outdoorsey                    Least Car Like

Most Original                           Made with least help

This year, the pack will continue these other classes of races:

Cub Class Racing

-       All Cub Scouts will race their cars in this classic runoff with 1st - 4th place winners per rank. There will also be a runoff of all four 1st place rank winners for an “overall” category.

-       One car per scout (supplied by the Pack.)

-       Car construction rules apply to the BSA guidelines.

Family Class Racing

-       Parents, Siblings and Family Members are invited to bring their own cars to the check-in table and register for the family racing. There will be heats calculated to determine the 1st - 4th place winners for this class.

-       One car per family (not provided, but can be purchased from the Scout Shop or you can purchase from Dion Richetti, who has extras from the Scout order for $4.50 each.)

-       Car construction rules apply to the BSA guidelines except for the current year of construction. For example, cars raced in previous Pinewood Derby events can be registered to compete in this year’s family racing.


Boy Scouts of America Pinewood Derby Rules



EXCEPTION: Race officials may authorize repairs when damage is caused by collision with another vehicle or object. Repairs must be completed within a limited time allowed by the Race Officials.

EXCEPTION: When a car is caused to leave the track because of a collision with another car.

You may not change the wheel dimensions. Wheels may not be rounded, pointed, concaved, shaved or otherwise modified. You may, however, sand the tread or tire contact area of the wheel to smooth out the rough spots. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited. The car will not ride on springs of any type. Wheel covers or hub caps are prohibited, the head of the nail must be viewable for inspection. The axels (nails) maybe polished and stamping imperfections removed but the shape and size of the head may not be altered. The recommended wheel and axle lubricant is dry, powdered graphite.